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I live in the artsy little town of Bell Buckle, TN, where I am extremely involved in fostering the arts in our community and surrounding area as the Bell Buckle Arts Council president. Our town is packed with artists, writers, musicians, and other artistic types. You should visit!

About my art:

I make art that tells stories, some true and some embellished. I tell these stories by combining vintage portraits printed onto an eco-canvas fabric with paint, reclaimed textiles, and vintage notions. Each portrait has a uniquely designed, handmade garment that is hand sewn onto the canvas. These garments are viewed spilling out from the painting in three dimensions. I honor the power, passion, and royalty of my subjects. I believe we all possess these qualities!

In addition to creating art and commissioned art pieces, I have a line of self-care products. This allows me to use as much of my fabric as I can to reduce textile waste in our environment while helping others on their wellness journeys. JBC sleep masks, dream pillows, and meditation masks are beautiful reminders that it is truly important to feed your soul.


For the handmade pillows, I create paintings that I have printed onto eco-canvas fabric and use reclaimed textiles as the back material. The eye masks are made entirely of repurposed cloth, with some herbs inside to encourage restful sleep.

Beauty goes hand in hand with caring for oneself and gives people the power to create their own stories of peace and wellness in their homes and lives—the bonus here is you are also collecting products that lengthen the life cycle of textiles that could potentially end up in a landfill! In this way, the repurposed fabric is one of my collaborators. Fabric tells a story, too.

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